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We're pleased to announce that ITIL 4 Foundation is now available through QA from March 2019. Having been a global partner of AXELOS for many years, QA has been working closely with AXELOS during the development of the new ITIL and we have had significant input into the new guidance and certification scheme to ensure it aligns with the needs of the modern organisation.  ITIL4 incorporates all of the best things from ITIL as it is known today and expands the guidance to help businesses navigate the new technological era, commonly known as the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The ITIL® 4 certification scheme

ITIL 4 video, ‘Everything you need to know.’
Please watch below, QA's Head of Business Skills, Adam Stewart and Akshay Anand, the Axelos ITSM Product Ambassador, discuss what to expect from ITIL 4.

So, what specifically is changing?
In short, ITIL 4 builds on the previous guidance by providing a practical and flexible basis to support organisations on their journey to the new world of Digital Transformation. It will provide an end-to-end digital operating model for the delivery and operation of tech-enabled products and services, enabling IT to continue to play a crucial role in the wider business strategy. The context of ITIL, with the release of ITIL 4, is now much bigger, with an emphasis on the business and technology world, how it works today, and how it will work in the future with Agile, DevOps and Digital Transformation. It will be much more relevant to developers, practitioners and businesses. This latest iteration moves away from a traditional process-led approach to value-driven delivery for people and organisations.

Is ITIL still relevant you may ask?
Well it is still used by millions of professionals globally, with many businesses built on its approach. Every year, organisations invest heavily in adopting and adapting ITIL into their business practices and upskilling their workforce with ITIL qualifications. The core fundamentals of ITIL will continue to be as relevant to you and your businesses, as they are today, following the release of ITIL 4.

What about certification?
Axelos are aiming for a smooth transition from ITIL v3 to ITIL 4, so businesses can be reassured that it will be compatible with the existing certification scheme. Furthermore, all current certifications for ITIL will remain valid following the update, and all credits gained will help professionals continue on their ITIL journey in the new certification scheme. So if you have ITIL v3 certifications or are planning to undertake training, keep it going.

What's next?
There will be further updates on the guidance, certification scheme and specific launch dates in due course. At QA we'll be at the forefront of the changes and we will be keeping you informed, every step of the way. In the meantime, if you have any questions please get in touch and we will do our very best to help.

How to transition to ITIL 4?
There are recommended routes that allow candidates to transition over to ITIL 4 while still gaining the skills and knowledge needed to understand the core concepts of the updated guidance.

ITILv3 Foundation
If a candidate has taken, ITILv3 Foundation, then the recommended approach is to take ITIL 4 Foundation in order to be able to transition to the new scheme.

There is a large amount of new material in ITIL 4 Foundation therefore a new single exam is required to assess the end-learner’s knowledge of the new ITIL 4 Foundation guidance. ITIL 4 Foundation is scheduled for release in Q12019.

ITILv3 Intermediate (3 or 4 credits achieved)
End-learners holding a low number of credits beyond Foundation have two recommended options to transition to ITIL 4 dependent on what they want to achieve in the scheme.

OPTION 1: Candidates are encouraged to take ITIL 4 Foundation and a further module in their preferred area of interest, becoming either an ITIL Specialist, Strategist or Leader.*  If a candidate has no intention of pursuing the ITIL Managing Professional designation, then the recommended route for these candidates would be to take the most relevant module in their area of practice/interest.  

OPTION 2: Candidates are encouraged to achieve 17 credits from ITIL v3 to become eligible to take theITIL Managing Professional transition module.  

If an end-learner would like to work towards achieving the ITIL Managing Professional designation and, they will need to continue collecting v3 credits until they have achieved the required 17 credits to be eligible to take the Managing Professional Transition module.

The benefit of this is that they are eligible to fast track past the v3 Managing Across the Lifecycle course and exam. They can also continue collecting credits before ITIL Managing Professional examinable modules are launched..

ITIL Intermediate/Practitioner (6 or more credits achieved beyond Foundation)
If an end-learner has achieved6 credits or more since v3 Foundation, then it is in their interest to continue collecting v3 credits to prepare them for an easy transition to ITIL 4 and gain the ITIL Managing Professional designation. They will need to reach 17 credits to be eligible to take the ITIL Managing Professional Transition module.

ITIL v3 Expert
If a candidate has achievedITIL v3 Expert, they can take the ITIL Managing Professional Transition module as soon as it is released to achieve the ITIL Managing Professional designation.After achieving the ITILManaging Professional designation, if the end-learner is interested in pursuing the ITIL Strategic Leader stream, they would only need to complete the ITIL Leader Digital & Strategy module.Once they have completed both streams they are eligible to move towards ITIL Master.

*further prerequisite required

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